The World Federation of Hemophilia publishes Hemophilia World, the WFH’s news magazine, three times a year. It includes articles on WFH activities and what hemophilia organizations around the world are doing to improve care.

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The activities of people living with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders, and their organizations, are important to everyone in the global bleeding disorders community. We welcome stories, letters, and suggestions for articles. Please send them to:

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For more information on the bleeding disorders and the World Federation of Hemophilia please visit www.wfh.org.

This material is provided for general information purposes only. The WFH does not engage in the practice of medicine and does not give medical advice. Under no circumstances does the WFH recommend particular treatment for specific individuals. For medical diagnosis or treatment, the WFH recommends that individuals consult their physician or local hemophilia treatment centre. 

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